Buy Air Conditioner

Room air conditioners have made life a bit easier for the people during hot weather. These air conditioners not only maintain low temperature, but also help having good air quality inside. As all the houses are not of same size, therefore, the air conditioners also need to be different to complement rooms perfectly. Here are some of the air conditioner features you need to compare when you plan to buy AC online post

-Portability: These days, portable air conditioner is much in vogue. The air-conditioners of portable nature make it possible to move them to the room of the choice. Thus, you need not have separate AC for every room. This helps save on the energy bill remarkably. The portable room air conditioner does not involve complicated installation methods too. The best portable air conditioner is capable of cooling the room in minimal time period and is child-safe too.

-Capacity: The room size decides what capacity of air conditioner will be effective for its cooling. Small rooms need maximum of 1.5 ton air conditioners, while the larger ones require 2 tons and above. Though the high capacity room air conditioners attract huge bills, but if you try saving on this aspect, the very purpose of the appliance may be lost and it will end into complete waste of money.

-Type of AC: Split or window AC? This is the most common point of discussion whenever a family thinks about buying an AC. Split ACs are found to be less noisy, high performing and quite energy efficient. If the split AC prices do not bother you, it is considered better purchase. You must compare split ac 1.5 ton price with that of window AC of the same capacity to find which option fits in your budget. Many a times, split AC is considered quite a cumbersome option as its installation is

-Air conditioner price: You must look for AC 1.5 ton price if you are looking for this for your home. Mostly, 1.5 ton is the suitable capacity for home air conditioners. So, this price should be compared across all brands available. Warranty periods, in addition to prices for air conditioners should be checked to find how much covered you are in terms of maintenance while buying an AC.

-New or used: Yes, you surely can make choice between used and new air conditioner. If budget is the big constraint and you need an ac urgently, you can consider used air conditioners too which are available with replacement parts dealers and other similar sources. Though there may not be surety of the performance, but temporary relief certainly can be enjoyed.