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Pressure Washing Kansas City – How to Choose the Right Nozzle for Your Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing Kansas City

The combination of weather, dirt, stains, and other materials can make your home, siding, and other surfaces dirty. Fortunately, a professional exterior cleaning service can remove these contaminants to make the surface look new again!

Whether you need a commercial or residential Pressure Washing Kansas City area, the professionals at Aardvark can provide quality services. The process involves a specialized pressure washer that produces a high-pressure stream of water that is able to penetrate and lift away dust, grime, mold, mildew, rust, and other substances.

Why You Need a Power Washer for Your Property

Having a clean, pristine exterior is essential for both your personal and business needs. This helps to protect your property from the elements and increase curb appeal. For a commercial building, this can also help prevent deterioration or stains that could affect the appearance of your business.

Choose the Right Nozzle for Your Job

While a lot of attention is paid to pressure and psi, it’s important to understand how nozzle size and angle affect how effectively your machine can break up dirt and stains. These are the two primary factors that determine if a washer is able to effectively break up dirt and remove it from your home’s surfaces.

A narrow-angle nozzle creates a more powerful water stream than a wide-angle spray. This is great for removing stains and dirt, but it can also cause damage to sensitive materials like concrete and window seals. Luckily, the nozzles for most pressure washers are universally color-coded so you can select the best one for your needs.

For example, a red tip is zero degrees and creates a spray that’s very narrow and forceful. It’s best for cleaning up around obstacles and for removing stubborn stains, such as graffiti.

On the other hand, a yellow tip creates a spray that’s 15 degrees and is more gentle. It’s ideal for a variety of tasks, including light-duty jobs that require low-pressure or no spraying at all, such as cleaning patio furniture and outdoor equipment.

Nozzles Are a Must Have For A Pressure Washer

While pressure washers are powerful tools, they can be dangerous. So, it’s always a good idea to wear safety goggles, grip the wand tightly, and start on the lowest pressure setting possible when you first begin using your machine. You should also avoid focusing on any one area of your home or yard for too long because the tool’s water stream can be very strong.

The pressure that a washer produces is measured in pounds of force per square inch, also known as PSI. Choosing the right PSI for your pressure washer is important because it will help you to decide what types of cleaning tasks you should be tackling.

For residential exterior cleaning, a higher PSI will be needed for bigger jobs that involve a lot of grime and stains. A higher PSI will be more effective in removing dirt and grime from your home’s surfaces, so it’s worth the investment for those large-scale jobs.

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