Simple Computer Maintenance Ignored Leads to Failure

Many people do not realize that a computer needs maintenance. Most of the time you purchase a computer and put it under your desk and use it for years with out performing important maintenance.Do you want to learn more? Visit this guide from

The information here will help to increase the life of your computer. Computers have fans inside them. They are used to keep the internal components cool and prevent over heating. There is a power supply that may have one or two fans in it. There is usually a fan located on top of a “finned” block of aluminum or copper. This block is called a heat sink.

A heat sink is used to draw heat away from vital components that cannot tolerate excessive heat. In your computer the heat sink draws heat away from the main processing chip. This chip is the heart of your computer. If it gets to hot the system will get slower and slower then eventually it will shut down.

When the chip is cooled off the computer will run properly. After time this excess heat can permanently damage the computer.

Some computers have other fans to help move air through the computer, in one side in out the other. When this happens it also draws in dust… A LOT of dust, and pet hair if you have pets. It will build up on the fans and the heat sink and pretty much everything inside the computer.

If you have a high end video card it probably has a small heat sink with a little fan on it that cools the video processor chip.

This little fan may get covered with dust and eventually fail. When it fails the video chip overheats and then your graphics or the display may become distorted. The fan will need to be replaced on your video card if that happens.

So its a good idea to keep the inside of the computer physically clean. You may want to seek the help of an experienced computer technician. However you can do it yourself if you are careful.

First UNPLUG the computer. You want the power cord removed from any source of electricity. You may need a screw driver to remove the screws that hold the side panel on to the computer usually two screw on a desk top computer.

You will need to purchase a can of CLEAN COMPRESSED air. DO NOT USE THE VACUUM! The VAC can create static around the nozzle tip and and any static discharge can damage the components in your computer.

So it is very important that you do not touch anything inside the computer. Take the little straw that comes with the can of air and attach it to the nozzle.

Clean everything inside the computer being careful not to damage anything, do not drop the can onto the internal parts of the computer.

Replace the side panel and reconnect everything that you may have disconnected and you should be all set for about 6-12 months depending on the environment your computer is in.