Syntax Music

Syntax are an English electronic music group originally formed in 2000

Musical syntax includes
not only harmonic but also rhythmic

Trends in the Outdoor Clothing Market

The outdoor clothing industry is growing quickly as more people discover a love for hiking, mountain biking, camping and other forms of outdoor recreation. These activities often require special clothing that is more breathable to help the body shed sweat, more durable to shield against the elements and sometimes incorporates other features to enhance the wearer’s experience. This might include articulated tailoring (often around the elbows) to provide more flexibility, reflective fabric for visibility or a zipper garage to protect the chin from chafing.

These special garments have found their way into the fashion Outdoorsi outdoor clothing world as well, with some brands adopting a more rugged outdoors look to appeal to a wider consumer base. Patagonia, for instance, has a long legacy of hiking and mountaineering gear, but the company is now better known for its Gore-Tex parkas and cross-body backpacks. It’s a look that has also found its way into the collections of mainstream fashion labels like Vans and Acne, which use film partnerships and cultural marketing to boost sales of their outdoor-inspired styles.

Manufacturers are also trying to make their gear more fashionable and usable for consumers by working closely with fashion designers and making stylish clothes that can be worn for other purposes as well. This means that you can dress up your Arc’teryx down jacket for a night out in town or wear your stretchy fleece for a run on the city streets.

As a result of all this, the outdoor clothing market is expected to continue its robust growth over the forecast period. Some of the major factors driving this growth are a rise in urbanization and increasing demand for outdoor clothing among young generation. Additionally, the increase in demand for outdoor clothing is driven by various factors such as changing lifestyles and increasing awareness about healthy life style among consumers.

Moreover, North American consumers’ inclination towards premium-priced outdoor clothing is further propelling the market growth. Besides, technological advancement and future integration of intrinsic gadgets in the outdoor clothing are also fueling the market growth.

Some of the leading players in the outdoor clothing market are Adidas AG, Columbia Sportswear Company, Nike Inc., Puma SE and Under Armour Inc. The market is competitive and diversified with a large number of small and big manufacturers operating globally. The companies compete by focusing on product innovation, manufacturing process improvement, technology integrations and enhancing distribution channels.

Other notable players in the outdoor clothing market are Gramicci, Fjallraven, KÜHL and KUSHUA. Gramicci, founded by rock climbers in California, makes versatile products geared to different kinds of climbing. For example, a rock-climbing jacket with an articulated hood fits around the head while moving and doesn’t rip or tear when you fall. Its Hydo Moc water shoes are designed to increase mobility, too. Similarly, KÜHL, founded by skiers in Utah, has a long tradition of high-performance gear for snow and ice climbing. But its latest range demonstrates its commitment to making fashion-forward apparel, too, with a streamlined hard-shell jacket and a Gore-Tex smock that could easily pass for a suit at work.

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